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We are a community of committed followers of Jesus Christ who influence our world to imitate Christ through an intentional strategy of winning the lost, building the believer and equipping each person for effective ministry.  

Here at St. Joe First, we are dedicated to proclaiming the truth of scripture.  We are dedicated to teaching our children and young people about the love of God and what it means to live a life of purpose and faith. As adults, we are just as committed to growing in our own spiritual lives as well.  As a church we want to help each person discover their spiritual gifts and talents and give them opportunities to use those gifts and talents in the church and community.

Our church family of believers strives to do 3 things:

  1. We want to win people to Jesus Christ.

  2. We want to build believers up in the Christian faith.

  3. We want to equip each person to do what he or she can to help others know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


In addition to having a Mission Statement, we also have a Vision Statement - Connect, Learn, Serve. 


Connect: we want to help you

  • Connect to God

  • Connect to other believers

  • Connect to people and organizations in our community

Learn: we want to help you

  • Learn the truths of Scriptures

  • Learn how to apply these biblical truths to your everyday life

  • Learn the value of worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministries and missions

Serve: we want you

  • To serve Jesus Christ, to use your time and talents to grow God's Kingdom here on earth

  • To serve humanity - to get out there and do what you can to help others


We celebrate faith in Jesus Christ and His Gospel. United Methodist teachings are solidly rooted in the Scriptures and the rich heritage of the Old Testament. What we believe can be defined even more specifically as traditional Protestant Christianity with the added unique distinction which we have inherited from our founder, John Wesley. Beyond this, the United Methodist Church encourages us to think for ourselves, and as such we do not necessarily share the same opinions about every faith issue or social concern. At the same time, we value group study and community prayer.

As United Methodists, we celebrate our joyful obligation to share faithful witness to Jesus Christ and the difference He makes in our lives. We recognize and worship Christ as the living redeemer at the center of the Church's life and mission. In order that we might faithfully carry out that mission we strive for our faith to grow ever deeper. That means ongoing, sincere, prayerful reflection on our biblical study of God and living daily to show faithfully the witness we make during our lifetimes.

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