Care Groups

To truly experience connecting with fellow believers, everyone is encouraged to join a care group. There are several groups within our congregation that meet on a regular basis outside of church, usually in someone's home. Life change often happens in circles rather than rows!


There are groups for high school age, college age, adults and couples that include Bible study, fellowship and praying for each other. To find a care group that's right for you, contact Pastor Dan.


Why join a care group?
  • To learn and grow

  • To connect with new people on a deeper level

  • To feel cared for and supported

  • To encourage others' spiritual journeys


Women's Bible Study

On Mondays

5:45-8:00pm in Rooms 306 & 307
This group meets on Monday evenings year-round for a time of fellowship, study and prayer. This group strives to deepen each member's relationship with Jesus and each other. Led by Judy Thompson.


Women's Noon Bible Study

On Wednesdays

12:00-1:00pm in the Parlor
This is the perfect study for busy women's schedules. This weekly hour for group Bible study and fellowship can make all the difference. This group typically meets during the school calendar year. No homework!  Led by Lorie Kraus.


Prayer Groups

On the 3rd Monday of each month 

2:00pm in the Library

This group prays for our missionaries and the church.

On Wednesdays @4:45pm in the Library.  This is a time to pray especially for our church and community.


The Young & the Rest of Us

On Wednesdays

7:00 pm *currently meeting in the church courtyard or youth center depending on weather

This care group (aka Y&R) is intended for those in their 20’s and 30’s who are looking for Bible Study and fellowship. Dan Colthorp and Scott & Kim Risk lead the group. The group studies a book of the Bible and reads a chapter aloud each week for discussion.  The group lifts up concerns and praises in prayer.  There is always a get-to-know you time; it may be playing sand volleyball or cards, taking on team trivia nights, or going out to eat or to a special event together.

In the summer months through the end of September, Y&R meets at Silver Beach at picnic tables between the bathrooms and Shadowland Pavilion on the parking lot side.  

The rest of the year, we meet at the Risks' house.  Join Y&R and make some new friends!

Women's Bible Study

On Thursdays Sept - May

9:30-11:30am in Rooms 306-307

Women of all ages are welcome to join. For more information, please contact  study leader Barb Petzke.

Men's Breakfast Group & Bible Study

On Saturdays

8:00-9:30am in Fellowship Hall
The St. Joe First UMC Men's group invites all men to join them for Saturday breakfast where the coffee is always hot, the food is great and the Christian fellowship is thriving! Every Saturday a group of men come together to laugh, eat and enjoy good Christian fellowship. They talk about everything including sports, world news and what's going on in their lives; and yet each week they have some deep and inspirational discussions during their Bible study time under the leadership of Bill Funk and Scott Wagner.

The group is based on the biblical purposes stated in Hebrews 10:24-25. They take turns providing breakfast, which includes everything from bakery-runs to full breakfasts cooked in our church's kitchen. At the breakfasts the men make plans to help those of the church family who have filled out "Job Jar" request cards. The schedule is strict starting at 8:00 and ending by 9:30, so members have the rest of the Saturday to go about their business. No RSVP needed!


Sunday Connection Groups 


Adult Class led by Bill Funk (Room 306 & 307)

Adult Bible Study led by Vivian Oberheu (Library Room 312)

Sports & Events

This ministry is coordinated by Ryan Tucker and includes the church softball team (Thursday evenings in the summer), basketball group (Tuesdays, 6:30pm at Lincoln Twp Park, May-Sept), bowling nights, golf outings, and organized sporting events like South Bend Cubs games, K-Wings hockey games, and college basketball games close by.  


More Groups for Adults

In-Home Care Groups for adults & couples

Sewing Ministry

Sit & Stitch (prayer shawl knitters)

Love-in-a-Card Ministry

Man Camp & Women's Retreat 

Offered in March and April each year at Miracle Camp in Lawton, Michigan.  Great weekends to share fun and fellowship with powerful worship!  See Events Blog for current information.

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