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“...and on this ROCK I will build my  church...”

Matthew 16:18

ROCK: Capital Improvements Update September 2021

More progress is being made! The parking lot paving is finished with the installation of the handicap signs. The sidewalk work is still needed.


Lots of updates on the HVAC front: the boiler room, table room, and basement were inspected for asbestos and samples were sent for analysis. Fortunately, only the boiler room contains asbestos that would be disturbed during the installation of the new system. Five companies submitted estimates; Trustees contacted the one chosen. The asbestos removal will begin August 30th. After this four -day project is completed, the new boilers will be installed as soon as possible (as early as after Labor Day).


We also met with representatives who will be supplying the units for the Sunday School rooms and the rooms off North Hall. Andy Egan (our contractor) wants to be sure that the correct units are selected for each situation. If you have any questions, please ask. And watch for updates in the next newsletter!

ROCK: Capital Improvements Update August 2021

The parking lot project is completed! The old blacktop was broken up and loaded into trucks to be carried away and new asphalt was poured.  There are now 10 designated handicapped parking spots.


The next project will be the replacement of the sidewalk in the Blessing Box area (it is marked with white and pink paint). The new walkway will be pitched so that the water will drain away. This project has been funded by a generous donor. Thank you so much!


We are meeting with engineers to begin the HVAC project. We know it’s hard to think about that in August, but we’ll need to have the boilers replaced before the cold weather arrives. Watch for more updates in the newsletter!

Capital Improvement Update - July 2021


WOW! This was the first word that entered my mind after reading an email from Pastor Dan as we returned from the mission trip to Springfield, IL. After that initial reaction, it took me more than a few moments to compose myself. That email let the Council know that donations totalling $410,000 had been received for the HVAC project. The next action was thanking God and this congregation for their faithfulness and provision! 


We had hoped to begin Phase 1 this summer but with that said - The ROCK Committee is happy to announce that we are able to move forward with the plan to update and replace the whole HVAC system, completing both Phase 1 and 2! After the contract is approved by the Council, dates will be set for the project! A timeline is being reviewed and some finetuning will be needed, but we now have a plan! 


Here are the numbers:

$233,307.54 in hand May 31

$410,000.00 new pledges


$93,000.00 pledges expected by 2023



Special thanks go to everyone who has helped with this project with donations and/or prayers, the Finance Team, including Loree Barnhart and Jake Roorda, chair, who searched hard and long for additional funds, Mark Richards, Council Chair, who negotiated some savings with the new company Tony Egan. 


Please continue to pray for this project! We have a long way to go to completion!   

Barb Petzke, chair

The R.O.C.K. Capital Improvements Team

What is the R.O.C.K Campaign?

With the R.O.C.K. Campaign, we will Renew Our Church for the Kingdom. We are getting God’s building ready to continue to serve our community for many years to come.  What is included?

  • HVAC System - The heating, ventilation, and cooling system needs to be updated. By doing this, not only would we be able to control the environments throughout the building, but also address the humidity issues.

  • Parking Lot - The parking lot needs to be replaced. The drainage issue will be addressed as well.

  • Security Updates - Cameras will be added to protect those who use the church.

  • Lighting Updates - Lighting in the Sanctuary will enhance visibility and allow us to do new and creative things.

  • Sound Updates - Our sound equipment needs to be updated to improve the quality of all programs held in our sanctuary.

With the completion of these projects, we are being good stewards of God’s house. See more details below.

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