Men's Breakfast Group

On Saturdays

9:00-10:30am in Fellowship Hall

The Men's Breakfast Group invites all men to join them for Saturday breakfast where the coffee is always hot, the food is great and the Christian fellowship is thriving! Every Saturday a group of men come together to laugh, eat and enjoy good Christian fellowship. They talk about everything including sports, world news and what's going on in their lives; and yet each week they have some deep and inspirational discussions during their Bible study time under the leadership of Bill Funk and Scott Wagner.

This group is based on the biblical purposes stated in Hebrews 10:24-25. They take turns providing breakfast, which includes everything from bakery-runs to full breakfasts cooked in our church's kitchen. At the breakfasts, the men make plans to help those of the church family who have filled out "Job Jar" request cards. The schedule is strict starting at 9:00 and ending by 10:30, so members have the rest of the Saturday to go about their business. No RSVP needed!

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